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UTEP students gathered around a table engage in discussion
Come with a passion. Leave prepared.

The UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program includes a two-year Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree followed by continued teacher education through post-graduation supports. Please note that the program is not currently accepting applications at this time.

The Urban Teacher Education Program integrates rigorous academic coursework with ongoing teaching and community fieldwork experiences that broaden in scope as candidates progress through the program. Learning continues for alumni working in Chicago Public Schools with an array of post-graduation mentoring and coaching.


Year 1: The Foundations Year

Candidates take a three-quarter Foundations of Education sequence that includes four strands: (1) rigorous academic coursework, (2) methods classes, (3) guided fieldwork, and (4) a unique soul strand that provides a forum for self-reflection on and dialogue about critical issues of race, class, and culture. All candidates also intern in a home classroom during their foundations year, and some take additional coursework to fulfill the state-level general education and endorsement requirements.


Year 2: The Residency Year

Candidates who successfully complete the Foundations Year will continue on into the Residency Year. The four-quarters of residency include: intensive clinical training in two different school settings as well as a professional teaching seminar and subject-area coursework.


Continued Teacher Education

Alumni working in Chicago Public Schools receive continued teacher education that includes: mentoring, in-classroom coaching, alumni workshops, inquiry groups, teacher-leadership training, professional networking, funding for professional development, monthly first-year induction workshops, and specialized coaching.


Endorsement Pathways: Elementary and Middle Grades Endorsements

UTEP offers two endorsement pathways: elementary and middle grades. The elementary pathway is for those candidates that would like to teach in self-contained classrooms while the middle grades pathways leads to subject specific endorsements in mathematics, social science, general science, and language arts. Through the first two years of the program, students will receive an elementary endorsement upon successful completion of the UTEP Elementary Pathway. Candidates are also eligible to receive a middle-grades endorsement if they have sufficient undergraduate coursework in their chosen content area. Candidates may also choose to take courses beyond the program requirements in order to become eligible for subject-specific middle grades endorsements.


3+2 Joint BA/MAT at the University of Chicago

UChicago UTEP offers a joint Bachelor of Arts (BA)/Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) for qualified undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. All BA/MAT students begin the Foundations Year of the UTEP program while they complete their undergraduate degree during their fourth year at the college. After successful completion of their undergraduate degree and the Foundations Year, students enter the Residency Year of the UTEP program as full MAT students.