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Students gather around a table with their teacher in class
The UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program believes that hands-on, lifelong learning is foundational to effective public education.

The University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UChicago UTEP) launched in 2003 as one of the first teacher residency programs in the country. It has continued since as a model for urban teacher preparation designed for aspiring teachers who are committed to social justice and educational equity. Today, UChicago UTEP is an integral part of the University of Chicago's Urban Education Institute, which bridges education research and practice to create reliably excellent public schooling.

UChicago UTEP is a graduate program that includes a two-year Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree followed by post-graduation mentorship and coaching for alumni in Chicago. Our work is grounded in a vision by several important beliefs:

Relationships are foundational to teaching and learning
In turn, teaching and learning only occur in dialogue with others, including students, families, communities, and colleagues.
Critical awareness and analysis promote social justice
Educators must think intentionally and critically about issues of race, class, and culture in order to take purposeful action against structural inequities.
Reflection and inquiry drive growth
Teachers and learners rigorously question themselves, their practice, and the world around them to facilitate development.
Growth and development occur over time
Learning, learning how to learn, and learning how to teach well are all lifelong endeavors.

Taken together, these beliefs advance our efforts to provide transformative educative experiences and contribute to greater equity and excellence in urban public schooling.

Our People

The UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program's staff is composed of former urban school district teachers who are deeply passionate about and committed to providing the next generation of urban educators with the tools they need to succeed.

UTEP Instructors & Staff

Headshot of Tinishia Legaux Washington

Tinishia Legaux Washington

Interim UTEP Leader and Foundations Year Math Instructor
University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program
Headshot of Kay Fujiyoshi

Kay Fujiyoshi

Foundations Year Instructor and Advisor
University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program
Headshot of Julie Furigay

Julie Furigay

New Teacher Induction Coach and Residency Instructor
University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program

Woody Lajeune

Induction Coach and Instructor
University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program

Our Alumni

Ninety-two percent of UTEP graduates are still teaching in urban schools after five years, compared to the national average of 50 percent. Learn about what has helped them succeed and thrive in urban classrooms and communities across the country.


Our Partners

We strongly believe that becoming a successful teacher requires first-hand experience in both classrooms and community-based organizations. All of our community-based partners help us ensure that our students understand the social and cultural context surrounding the schools in which they will teach and learn.


Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Blacks in Green

Blocks Together Chicago

Breakthrough Collaborative

Center on Halsted

Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign

Chicago Public Schools

City Year


National Center for Teacher Residencies

Neighborhood Schools Program

Umoja Student Development Corporation