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UTEP students talk to one another at an event
University of Chicago Undergraduates Can Embark on a Career in Urban Education Before Graduation

UChicago UTEP offers a joint Bachelor of Arts (BA) / Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) for qualified undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. All BA/MAT students begin the Foundations Year of the UTEP program while they complete their undergraduate degree during their fourth year at the college. After successful completion of their undergraduate degree and the Foundations Year, students enter the Residency Year of the UTEP program as full MAT students.

Undergraduate students interested in the BA / MAT program should begin by discussing the option with their College Advisor as well as speaking with Diane M. Wright, UChicago UTEP Recruiter and Admissions Coordinator. These discussions will help interested students determine whether they are far enough along in their undergraduate program to complete the major requirements for their BA as well as ensure that they meet the core course requirements for the UTEP program.

Interested students should begin the discussions with their College advisor in the Spring Quarter of their Second Year before applying to the joint program during the Autumn Quarter of their Third Year. Before applying, students must meet with their College advisor again to fill out the eligibility worksheet provided by the college as part of the application process.