Program Overview

The Urban Teacher Education Program is a five-year experience that integrates rigorous academic and methods coursework with ongoing teaching experiences that broaden in scope as candidates progress through the two-year MAT program. Learning continues for alumni working in Chicago Public Schools with an array of post-graduation supports.

The University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies awards UChicago UTEP graduates the MAT degree.

Year 1: Foundations Year. Candidates take a three-quarter Foundations of Education sequence as full-time graduate students. Some first-year candidates take additional coursework to fulfill the state's general education and endorsement requirements.  Elementary and middle grades candidates also intern in a home classroom.  The Foundation of Education sequence integrates four strands:  (1)  rigorous academic coursework, (2)  methods classes, (3) guided fieldwork, and (4) a unique soul strand that explores teacher identity through multiple media.   Read more about UChicago UTEP’s foundations year »

Year 2: Residency. Candidates who successfully complete the Foundations of Education sequence are invited to apply to become residents. The four-quarters of residency include:  intensive yearlong clinical training/preservice training and a professional teaching seminar complimented by subject-area coursework.  Read more about UChicago UTEP’s residency »

Years 3, 4, and 5: Post-Graduation Supports. Alumni working in Chicago Public Schools receive three years of supports, at no charge, that include:  in-classroom coaching, alumni workshops, inquiry groups, teacher-leadership training, online professional community, funding to attend educational conferences or other professional development, monthly first-year induction workshops, and specialized coaching. Read more about UChicago UTEP’s post-graduation supports »