Diversity at UChicago UTEP

UChicago UTEP is committed to fostering a supportive environment for every student admitted to the program. Recognizing that race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation can present particular stresses and challenges for aspiring teachers,  the UChicago UTEP Diversity Support Committee was convened to make every UChicago UTEP candidate's experience a successful one.

We take two complementary approaches to help students explore and address diversity both personally and interpersonally:

  • The Symposia Series features panels, presenters and invited guests to probe the nuances and intersections of race, ethnicity, class, culture, sexual orientation, and other manifestations of difference. The series also examines disparities and breakthroughs across a range of social and policy arenas related to education.
  • Affinity Groups comprising of students who share experiences based on their racial identity and cultural background meet on a regular basis. Although race is only one facet in our understanding of diversity, it remains a principal way in which individuals form identity and through which people experience education in this country. Building and nurturing relationships, and fostering intra- and inter-racial dialogue are at the heart of these meetings.