CPS and Chicago UTEP School Partners

UChicago UTEP works with Chicago public school partners in a number of capacities. We collaborate with the teachers and principals who host our residents to ensure that their classroom-based learning aligns with their coursework and UChicago UTEP’s core practices and values.

In other school partnerships, UChicago UTEP alumni facilitate inquiry groups around particular areas of practice that include their colleagues and other new public school teachers. Our long-term goal is to see each one of our school partners supporting representatives of UChicago UTEP at all levels of the program—tutors, residents, clinical instructors, and emerging teacher-leaders who involve their colleagues in a professional learning community. 

Chicago Public Schools, the third largest school district in the country, is recognized by the federal government as a “high-need” district, with large percentages of students achieving below grade level in essential subjects. The racial composition of CPS students is 45 percent African American; 41 percent Latino; 9 percent Caucasian; 3.6 percent Asian/Pacific Islander; 0.2 percent Native American. Approximately 86 percent of students live in low-income families, and 12.2 percent are Limited English proficient.