Core Practices and Values

The Urban Teacher Education Program's core values are grounded in a defensible, sustainable vision for urban public education that is informed by the following principles:

  • Relationships are foundational to teaching and learning. Teaching and learning occur in dialogue with others including youths, families, communities, and colleagues.
  • Critical awareness and analysis promote social justice activism.  Educators must cultivate these attributes in order to take purposeful action against structural inequities.  Education is both the object of and catalyst for sociopolitical change.
  • Understanding is co-constructed.  Learners acquire knowledge and skills by tapping multiple strengths and by engaging in a collaborative process of discovery with their teachers.
  • Reflection and inquiry drive growth.  Teachers and learners rigorously question themselves, their practice, and the world around them to facilitate development.
  • Growth and development occur over time.  Learning, learning how to learn, and learning how to teach well are lifelong endeavors.

These principles guide transformative educative experiences, shape teacher practice, empower the academic and cultural identities of both teachers and students, and build toward a more just society.