Chicago UTEP Views

The following "views" are the thoughts and opinions of staff or instructors from the University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program.

Searching for Education's Golden Age

Education Reform
By Marvin Hoffman
it is with some discomfort that I launch into what might appear to be my own personal Golden Age story - the time "back in the day" when teachers could really teach in ways that spoke to their students' heads and hearts ... in short, when testing was not king. Continue reading »
Jan 31, 2012 1

What is Lost

Education Reform
By Marvin Hoffman
We need to reflect on what is lost in narrowing the focus to exclude new stand alone charter school applicants with visions for different approaches to educating our children. Continue reading »
Jan 10, 2012 0

Peer? Expert? Teacher Leaders Struggle to Gain Trust While Establishing Their Expertise

Teachers & Leaders
By Sara Stoelinga (and Melinda Magin)
How can the teacher leader be both a trusted colleague and a resource for instructional improvement? Continue reading »
Jun 6, 2011 1

The Role of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) in Math Teaching and the Common Core

Technology in Education
By Doug O'Roark
CAS raises questions about what we teach and how we teach it. This is an important conversation within the math education community, and newcomers should be exposed to the potential and issues surrounding the use of CAS. Continue reading »
Sep 29, 2010 11

Teaching: More Than Mechanics

Teachers & Leaders
By Marv Hoffman
A robust teacher preparation program requires firing on both cylinders - the academic big picture issues and the very practical exposure to what makes an effective and productive classroom. Unfortunately, too many teacher preparation programs miss the mark on this. Continue reading »
May 12, 2010 0

Rethinking Teacher Evaluation: Lessons from Chicago

Teachers & Leaders
Teacher evaluation policies raise fundamental questions about what constitutes effective instruction and whether those practices can be fairly measured. They also tend to be highly politicized... Continue reading »
May 7, 2010 1

Beyond Polarization: A Conversation About Charters and Turnarounds

By Marv Hoffman
What distresses me about the public conversations about charters - like those focused on turnarounds and school closings- is the way in which they are characterized by a deep polarization, a knee jerk impugning of sinister motives on both sides of a conversation which is no conversation at all. Continue reading »
Mar 15, 2010 7