UChicago UTEP is a highly selective, two-year MAT program. Applicants must have college transcripts that reflect coursework in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and science, and show evidence of strong reading, thinking, and writing skills; typically applicants have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. We seek candidates who are committed to teaching in Chicago Public Schools, and especially those who have experience working with children or youths from underresourced communities. We look for candidates who demonstrate persistence, habits of inquiry, and the capacity to lead. All candidates must be dedicated to working toward effecting educational equity and social change in urban schools.

Elementary and Middle School applicants enter UChicago UTEP with a wide variety of undergraduate majors and minors, with demonstrated success in the liberal arts. An undergraduate degree in education is not required. See more about the Elementary and Middle School prerequisites.

Interested in both the Elementary and Middle School Pathways? Proceed with completing one of the applications, note your desire to complete both programs with a supplemental statement attached to your application, then contact the Admissions Office at for more information.

Information sessions about UChicago UTEP are held on the University of Chicago campus during autumn and winter quarters. Information about the next scheduled meetings is here.

International Students, at this time The University of Chicago does not issue student visa documents for this MAT program. We may be able to accommodate a permanent resident status. For more information, please contact the University's Office of International Affairs.

To apply to UTEP, begin by filling out the online application and submitting your ACT/SAT or TAP score. One of these exams must be completed by time of interview.