Elementary Prerequisites

Applicants to the Elementary program should have at least a B average in their majors and demonstrated strong reading, writing, thinking, and speaking skills. Previous work with children, particularly in an urban setting, is a plus. We look for candidates whose college transcript reflects that they have met the Illinois State General Education requirements with excellence. These requirements are met through completing two courses in each of the areas:

  • Sciences (At least one lab science is highly recommended)
  • Mathematics (Precalculus is recommended)
  • Literature (one course must have a US focus) 
  • Historical Studies (United States government or history is recommended)
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Fine Arts
  • Oral and Written Communication (May be fulfilled through humanities or literature; one course may suffice)
  • Non-Western (May be fulfilled through humanities, literature, social sciences, arts, or language)

Elementary students lacking a sufficient number of college-level courses in these general education areas may be asked to take one or more supplemental courses before or during their first year in the program.

The University of Chicago does not issue student visa documents for the MAT program.